Ritz classic club s.ndwich: chicken breast, bacon, egg salad, tomato, €9,50

cucumber, mayonnaise and lettuce.

San Sebasti.n: black tiger prawns in a spicy garlic and chili sauce. €10,50

Scallops served on a bed of wakame seaweed, caviar and a €16,50

honey mustard sauce.

Beef fillet carpaccio with truffle oil and pesto. €14,50

Delicious mussels au gratin with herb butter and French Emmental cheese. €9,50(10 un.)

Homemade foie gras mi cuit, raisin bread and turr.n sauce. (cold) €14,50

Duck liver served on a bed of sweet potato puree and peach. (warm) €14,50

Smoked salmon-bonbon duo: philadelphia/dill and crab salad. €14,50

Tuna tartare with avocado and mango. €12,50

Jam.n Ib.rico from Guijuelo (100 gr) €14,50


French onion soup served in a bread bowl. €6,50

Tomato soup with basil. €6,50

Thai style chicken soup Tom Kha Kai with lemongrass, galangal root, €7,50

coconut, lime leaves, peppers, mushrooms and lemon juice.

Children´s menu €7,50

Hamburger with chips.

Chicken breast with seasonal vegetables and chips.

Chicken nuggets with chips.

Tagliatelle bolognese.


Mixed salad with crispy chicken tenders and a honey-mustard sauce. €9,50

Salad with goat cheese, caramelized nuts and tomato marmelade. €10,50

Thai style salad with chicken cooked in chili sauce, coriander and pineapple. €9,50

Tomato carpaccio with mozzarella, basil and pesto. €9,50

Mixed salad with pineapple and prawns cooked in chili sauce. €10,50

Caesar salad with Romaine lettuce and marinated chicken. €9,50

Mixed salad with falafel and vinaigrette. (vegetarian) €9,50



With black tiger prawns, teriyaki sauce, green asparagus and sesame seeds. €11,50

With smoked salmon, spinach and pine nuts. €10,50

With portobello mushrooms, truffle and parmesan cheese. €10,50

With marinated chicken, broccoli and almonds. €9,75

With black tiger prawns in the famous San Sebasti.n style. €11,50


Turbot on a truffle puree and seasonal vegetables with an alioli-crisp. €17,50

Jumbo cod loin over creamed spinach and salted potatoes. €17,50

North Sea sole with basmati rice with dill and seasonal vegetables. €16,50

Fresh lobster on a sweet potato puree with vegetables and a seafood sauce. €21,00


Black Angus burger 200 gr. with lettuce, onion, tomato and chips. €12,50

Chicken breast skewers asian style, crispy onions, satay sauce and €16,50

prawn bread.

Steak tartar 100 gr. of 100% beef sirloin served with toast and chips. €18,50

Fillet steak 200 gr. with seasonal vegetables and salted potatoes. €20,50

Lamb tajine Maroccan style with couscous. €16,50

Duck breast 250 gr. with seasonal vegetables, sweet potato puree and €14,50

a red berry sauce.

Duck confit with basmati rice, saffron and a pomegranate- walnut sauce. €14,50

Argentinian entrec.te 250 gr. with seasonal vegetables and salted potatoes. €18.50

Chateaubriand 550 gr. with seasonal vegetables and chips. (for 2 pers.) €59,00

Sauce of your choice. €1,50


Crepes Suzette with orange-lemon sauce, flamed with Cointreau and €7,50

vanilla ice cream

Dame blanche, vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate. €7,50

Fusion of brownie and cookie with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. €5,50

Homemade cheesecake, urban style. €5,50

Homemade tiramisu. €5,50

Apple pie with vanilla ice cream. €7,00

Limoncello sorbet. €5,50

Cheese platter. €9,50